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"We understand how hard it is to maintain work, family, home and be a caregiver trying to manage the care of a loved one. You need help?  "That's what we're here for"

WE AGREE! Your voice does matter and through our Patient Advocacy, Navigation, and Care Coordination services, Care Core will assist our clients by providing requested information, logistical support, guidance and emotional support. We facilitate our clients' ability to make informed choices regarding available options and resources within the Healthcare system. We are here to help you remove barriers to care in the home, hospital, or nursing facility."

Care Core also offers concierge services such as, companionship services, Home-helper services, and we even run errands.

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Why Care Core? We provide services that help facilitate your ability to remain as independent as possible. 
If You Need Help?
That's What We're Here For!

How May We Be Of Service?   Do you and or your loved one have difficulty managing daily living tasks? NO WORRIES! Care Core offers a wide range of Concierge Services just for you. Our team strives each day to ensure your needs are met. 

Our purpose in providing a companion service is to foster quality of life through the physical, mental and social acuity of our senior community by supporting the dynamics of each individuals well-being.

We're More Than Just A Companion.....We're A Friend!


  • Accompany to appointments, help with planning, scheduling and keeping appointments

  • Engaging and planning of indoor / outdoor social activities and exercise

  • Entertaining with hobbies, games, etc.

  • Provide emotional support

  • Bedside service to keep your loved one company while you take some time for you.

  • Respite service to keep your loved one company if you are in need of a longer interval of rest

  • For added security and a peace of mind we do Elderly checks for those who live alone

  • Companion visits to those who are in a hospital or nursing facility

Our purpose in providing a companion service is to foster quality of life through the physical, mental and social acuity of our senior community by supporting the dynamics of the individual well-being of our clients.

We're More Than Just A Companion.....We're A Friend!





Our purpose in providing home-helper services is to take on the domestic tasks so your life becomes more manageable and are able to maintain a healthy independent lifestyle.

Leave The Dust Busting Up To Us!

Light Housekeeping 

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Take out Garbage (Weekly if needed)

We do deep down cleaning as well. Information is available upon request.

Laundry (In home or Laundromat)

  • Wash

  • Dry 

  • Fold

  • Iron

Light Meal Preparation

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Food order, pick up and delivery

Our purpose in providing home-helper services is to take on your domestic tasks so your life becomes more manageable. Having a home-helper for your aging loved one can help them maintain a healthy independent lifestyle.

Leave The Dust Busting Up To Us!





Our purpose in providing an errand service is to alleviate the stress induced by everyday tasks that aren't as easy to accomplish for our aging loved ones. 

Let Us Do The Running Around! 

  • Prescription pick up at local pharmacy

  • Grocery shopping

  • Shopping for personal gifts, greeting cards, specialty items like flowers, etc.

  • Gift wrapping

  • House sitting: watering plants, securing doors / windows / locks, bringing in newspapers / mail, adjusting lights, checking on pets

  • Mail or pick up letters and packages at the post office, purchase stamps

  • Dry cleaning: pick up or drop off

  • Courier service: pick up or delivery of documents and packages

Our purpose in providing an errand service is to alleviate the stress induced by everyday tasks that aren't so easy to accomplish when life is just so busy. Then finding the time to assist our aging loved ones, in making sure they have all of their necessities as well.

Let Us Do The Running Around! 





When you are sick and don't know who to turn to, we can help you with care coordination and to navigate the sometimes frustrating healthcare system so you only need to focus on your health.

 "We can help you through it"

Our dedicated staff brings over 25 years of hands on experience to you. We are here to help foster your autonomous decisions. Call or fill out the short form below to schedule your in person or over the phone consultation interview today!

You no longer have to juggle everything by yourself! You Are Not Alone!    

Over the years we've seen a shift in our healthcare system, such as the decrease in hospital lengths of stay and the increase of same day outpatient surgeries and procedures. Subsequently, this results in patients and their families taking on a greater responsibility in all aspects of their care. Due to these paradigms, healthcare providers are now assuming a greater responsibility for educating their patients and are challenged to maintain safe and consistent standards of practice that lead to positive patient outcomes as healthcare shifts to home and the community.

As Personal Private Patient Advocates, we help to remove those barriers to care and care coordination. We achieve this by helping to educate our clients to enhance their knowledge and necessary skills to promote recovery and improve function. By providing our clients with requested information, logistical support, guidance & emotional support, we facilitate our clients' ability to make informed choices within the healthcare system as it pertains to their care within the home, hospital, or nursing facility.

How May We Be Of Service?

  • In-home nursing care coordination

  • Home therapy and rehabilitation

  • Daily living assistance

  • Caregiver support local & long distance

  • Hospital, Assisted living & Nursing home care services (Research available options, alternatives and /or second opinions) 

  • Palliative care services

  • Hospice care services

  • End of life comfort and support services

"If you need a voice to advocate for you, we can help."

Being Personal Private Patient Advocates means we have an allegiance to our clients, and we will ensure that individuals and/or their loved ones, particularly those individuals who are most vulnerable in society, are able to be heard on issues that are important to them. We are here to Foster Quality of Life and Affirm Dignity of those we serve by safeguarding our clients' rights and having their views and wishes considered when important decisions are being made.  Our clients face many challenges of managing their health and navigating the sometimes confusing healthcare system. We will collaborate with them and members of their healthcare team. Our clients' wishes are the guiding force behind decisions affecting their medical care and outcomes. We make sure our clients' voices are heard in all aspects of their managed care. 

How May We Be Of Service?

  • Diagnosis and treatment review and research of available options, alternatives and/or second opinions

  • Medication review and management

  • Preparation for appointments

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • Hospital bedside monitoring

  • Prevention services - health coaching, weight loss/gain, nutrition, pain management, and medication review

  • Healthcare proxy and advance directive assistance

  • Mediation assistance for families with difficult health related decisions, local & long distance.

"If your loved one lives far away and you need assistance, we can help."  

What Our Clients Are Saying!


"Lina Anael-Bey provided medical guidance to my aging mother that greatly improved her quality of life in her last years. I feel blessed that in my mother's twilight years, we did not have to worry about the level of care she was receiving. Lina informed her and the rest of the family about the medical choices and options available. This was a great relief. The burden of medical investigation and navigating through the sometimes confusing medical system was removed from us, and handled by Lina. This allowed my mother to be free from that particular worry. She knew what her medical options were, and was able to make her own choices. Because of this, she was allowed to live in dignity and respect, and maintained a joyful life for herself, even in her fading days. For that I will always be grateful."


 -- Mary Albanese, PhD

"Lina Anael-Bey has helped me in several instances with health care and transitional end of life situations with my husband, father in-law and other very close friends of mine, who were all very ill. Lina helped guide us through the end of life stages with the support that allow my loved ones to live out their last days with dignity and grace. She is very kind, understanding, personable and most of all, very responsible and attentive to important details concerning people and meeting their needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who may be facing similar situations."

-- B. Artieda

"Lina is the most caring person you will ever meet, and I’ve seen that in action when she cared for both my brother and my mother.  Combining that with her vast experience as a professional caregiver in nursing homes and dementia units, and you have the ideal person to guide you. Dealing with a disease or end of life will always be emotionally and physically challenging, and the maze of healthcare options and rules can make things unbearable.  Lina’s ability to help us navigate that system let us focus on and achieve what was most important, the health and comfort of our loved ones."


- Stephanie Ross



Contact us today and schedule your consultation, Just fill out this short form and located within the services box and indicate the quality of life services you are in need of. Please include in the message box a description of your current situation and the best time to reach you and one of our consultants will contact you. Thank You!


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Our Allegiance Is To You, Serving To Protect Your Rights!

Care Core, LLC was created for the specific duty to serve humanity by alleviating the stress induced by the quality of services provided to those who have poor health conditions, leaving them vulnerable to accept what they can get not knowing of aught else. Our Senior Community is MOST vulnerable and we believe in giving honor where honor is due, and our mom’s, dad’s, grandparents, great grandparents etc...  have laid the foundation upon which we stand today. Care Core, LLC is dedicated to making sure you and your loved ones needs are being met.


Care Core, LLC works hard to protect the rights of those we serve by keeping our clients well-informed about the details and options of their care as their needs evolve. By keeping our clients involved, explaining their options, and personally guiding them in making important decisions about their care, we facilitate our clients' ability to make informed choices about their care. Their choices are respected, and their rights are protected, as our mission is to foster quality of life and affirm dignity through our allegiance to you. Call today and schedule your consultation.


DISCLAIMER: Everything displayed on this site shall be regarded as general information, logistical support, guidance, and emotional support and in no way should it be interpreted as medical advice, legal advice or professional advice of any kind. You should seek medical advice from one or more duly licensed physicians before making any decisions related to medical care. You should seek legal advice from one or more duly licensed attorneys before making any decisions related to legal matters. Note that an advocate-client relationship will only be established after it's determined that there is no conflict of interest.