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We are committed to providing our clients with an intervention of services that's focused on the continuity of care which enhances patient and family/caregiver outcomes by improving quality of care over time."We understand how hard it is to maintain work, family, home and be a caregiver trying to manage the care of a loved one.   

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The term chronic condition or long term illness is often used to describe  the various health related states of the human body such as syndromes, physical impairments, disabilities as well as diseases.

Having a chronic condition or long term illness means the person has to adjust to the demands of the illness and the therapy used to treat the condition. These days, patients and their families are taking on a greater responsibility in all aspects of their care.


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Chronic disease is a disease that persists over a long period of time. Chronic disease can hinder independence and the health of people with disabilities, as it may create additional activity limitations. Social determinants are important risk factors for chronic diseases. While risk factors vary with age and gender, any lack of access and delay in receiving care result in worse outcomes for patients. Those barriers to medical care complicate patient monitoring and continuity of care.

You have doctors, specialists, visiting nurses, therapy etc... but when they're done doing their part for the day, who's there to help you put all the pieces together and keep track of all the self-managing tasks each one of them gives you to do? And if you're not able to self manage your "healthcare to do list", then what happens to your health?



We assist our clients to bridge any gaps and remove barriers to their care, in the home hospital, and nursing facility.

Non-Medical Support

Non-Medical Support through patient advocacy and navigation services is what we provide to assists our clients within the scope of requested information, logistical support, guidance and emotional support. We help facilitate the ability to make informed choices regarding available options and resources within the Healthcare system. We are here to help remove barriers to care in the home, hospital, or nursing facility by helping patients and their family/caregiver self-manage illness, chronic conditions and follow their healthcare teams plan of care.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration is imperative for working together in the development and implementation of a cohesive care plan and essential to setting goals that most accurately reflect the patient’s desires, needs, experience, and autonomy in order to provide the best care and produce the best outcome for the patient. Communication across disciplines, care providers, the patient, and their family/caregiver, is essential to bridging the gaps between all involved in the care planning and well-being of the patient.

Working with and being a member of the team, we assist in making sure necessary resources, infrastructure, and training are available to our client and their family/caregiver as per their request as their needs evolve. By advocating for our client and family/caregiver to the team members, we ensure their ideas, opinions, suggestions, and questions are heard, valued and fostered.

Self Management

Self-Management support helps the patient build the skills and confidence they need to lead healthier lives by making good choices and maintaining healthy behaviors. To provide effective self-management support, our client, family/caregiver must participate, communicate, and coordinate with their healthcare team and be able to understand the roles and responsibilities each team member has in the development of their care plan.

Some components of self-management skills are:

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-Monitoring

  • Self-Evaluation (stress management and emotional regulation etc.…)

  • Self-Reinforcement (coping with lapses and setbacks)

  • Communicating Assertively

Home Centered

Patient Outreach

Home Centered Patient Outreach are services that help a person with special needs to live and thrive at home. At Care Core, we believe in a holistic care approach that is attentive to our clients physical, mental and emotional well-being, while taking social factors into consideration.

We provide a mode of outreach to the patient according to what form of contact is suitable to them, disease registries or phone calls etc. Our clients can have a peace of mind knowing that we are on call and available to assist with any questions or concerns.


Outreach can address:

  • Re-connection & consistent communication with PCP to reduce re-admissions

  • Understanding of medication changes

  • Awareness of signs and symptoms for which they should seek medical attention

  • Unanswered questions regarding their hospitalization

  • Appropriate follow up with PCP or specialty providers to promote a supportive and trusting relationship with the healthcare team

Case Management

Case Management services are a means to improve patient health, promote wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, and  facilitation in the research of available options and resources.We engage the client and family/caregiver in a needs assessment to determine a plan of services that’s tailored to meet their specific needs. We explain the importance of self-monitoring and reporting for the healthcare team’s further evaluation of their progress. 

We are committed to the help and support of all, so during our  intake process we have an application for low income clients and their family to qualify for a reduced/ partial payment. We use the federal poverty guidelines to determine income qualification for our sliding fee scale. 

The Care Core “Model of Care” is a non-medical person centered holistic approach to health care that takes the whole person into account instead of only focusing on the illness. The patient is considered an independent and capable individual with their own abilities to make informed decisions. We always approach our clients with dignity, compassion, and respect. Our seven fundamental principles define how our services are delivered; outlining best practices and services that allows patients to be involved and take responsibility for their own health and treatment.


Our Services

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Continuity of Care allows us to identify both immediate and long-term patient needs which focuses on the patient’s quality of life over time. We facilitate a process by which the patient and his/her healthcare team (interdisciplinary team/multidisciplinary team) are cooperatively involved in ongoing healthcare management to improve preventative and chronic care services, patient and clinician satisfaction, lower hospital utilization, cost-effective medical care, and lower mortality rate for the elderly.

Chronic Care Management provides an intervention of requested services that are focused on the integration and communication of medical information among different providers to support the care plan through the coordination of care to foster the patients role in the management of their own conditions, as they are often the ones administering the treatments in everyday life. Risk management of any modifiable risks or non-modifiable risks will help patients to achieve a better quality of life over time.

Care Coordination

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Care Coordination assist the patient with the organization of care activities such as ancillary services to facilitate a safer more effective delivery of healthcare services. During this process we make the patients needs and preferences known ahead of time and communicate them at the right time to the right people, and that information is used to help guide the delivery of high quality, high value health care which is the main goal of care coordination.




Will my insurance cover services from Care Core?
Our services are not covered by insurance, but we have a sliding fee scale that goes by your income for a payment that's affordable and fits your budget.
How am I billed and how do I pay?
You will be billed according to how you choose to receive services or you can sign up at a discounted rate for a retainer/monthly membership with a minimum of four months. We use an automated service for payments through Square and/or PayPal. If paying by check we have an automated ACH set up for that as well.
Does Care Core accompany to doctor appointments?
Yes, we can have a companion accompany you or one of our advocacy consultants depending on your need and request.
What if I need a companion?
We can assist you with a companion to accompany on an appointment, sit bedside at rehab or hospital, keep company at home or assisted living facility. ***Keep in mind that all of our services are non-medical support.***

If I live out of town will I still be able to acquire services and manage everything for my loved one?

Yes, that's what where here for, to help you better manage the health and well-being of your loved one whether you live close or far away.

My loved one lives in an assisted living facility and due to work and family, I just can't visit as often to make sure their needs are being met; can Care Core assist me with occasional checks?

Yes, we can check on your loved one in their home, hospital, or assisted living/nursing facility and give you updates.

If my loved one was sent to the ER and I was unable to get there, but needed someone to be at their side to advocate for them and keep me informed, would Care Core be able to help?

Yes, you could have this as part of you service to have one of our advocacy consultants to accompany your loved one in the ER/ hospital. We understand how hard it is trying to juggle everything. 


Companion $2.00

an hour for the

first two hours!

(minimum 5hrs)

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Case Management

Visit $2.00 for the

first visit!

(minimum 3 visits)

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Continuity of Care

Chronic Care


We are committed to providing our clients with an intervention of services that's focused on the continuity of care which enhances patient and family/caregiver outcomes b...
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What Our Clients Are Saying!


"Lina Anael-Bey provided medical guidance to my aging mother that greatly improved her quality of life in her last years. I feel blessed that in my mother's twilight years, we did not have to worry about the level of care she was receiving. Lina informed her and the rest of the family about the medical choices and options available. This was a great relief. The burden of medical investigation and navigating through the sometimes confusing medical system was removed from us, and handled by Lina. This allowed my mother to be free from that particular worry. She knew what her medical options were, and was able to make her own choices. Because of this, she was allowed to live in dignity and respect, and maintained a joyful life for herself, even in her fading days. For that I will always be grateful."


 -- Mary Albanese, PhD

"Lina Anael-Bey has helped me in several instances with health care and transitional end of life situations with my husband, father in-law and other very close friends of mine, who were all very ill. Lina helped guide us through the end of life stages with the support that allow my loved ones to live out their last days with dignity and grace. She is very kind, understanding, personable and most of all, very responsible and attentive to important details concerning people and meeting their needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who may be facing similar situations."

-- B. Artieda

"Lina is the most caring person you will ever meet, and I’ve seen that in action when she cared for both my brother and my mother.  Combining that with her vast experience as a professional caregiver in nursing homes and dementia units, and you have the ideal person to guide you. Dealing with a disease or end of life will always be emotionally and physically challenging, and the maze of healthcare options and rules can make things unbearable.  Lina’s ability to help us navigate that system let us focus on and achieve what was most important, the health and comfort of our loved ones."


- Stephanie Ross

Couple in Mediation

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